Wwwash features

Sell In-app Monthly plans
Sell Pre- and postpaid credit
Sell digital tokens
Create marketing campaigns
Give automatic incentives to new customers
Manage fleets online
Track your customer behavior



If Wwwash does not add value to you- no monthly subscription fees apply.

Monthly Plans

Sell monthly plans- keep your customers Loyal! Example: $34.95 /month for 5 washes per month.

Mobile Payments

Accept Credit Cards through Mobile. 11% of plastic payments are made by Mobile in 2017.

Digital Car Wash
Revenue Growth

The Wwwash platform with its features has shown to increase revenues up to 30%. Try it now!

Say Thank You!

Send automatic texts and in-app messages to thank your customers!

Boost customer loyalty with Wwwash marketing tools

Integrating with Wwwash provides insights into customer behavior. Build clever automated marketing campaigns and loyalty programs to increase revenue.

How it works

Wwwash technician will install a small gateway modem to your machines. After this, Drivers can start using the App at your site and You’ll get access to our admin environment to oversee everything.



Managment, sessions, payments, marketing tools

Any type of coin validator

Existing coin validator

Gateway controller

Internet access for car wash machine

Add in-module

Coin faker / Coin simulator. Imitates as if coins were inserted into the coin validator. 3 minute plug & play installation.

Existing car wash controller

Coin faker / Coin simulator is compatible with all coin validators.

Drive Thru


Managment, sessions, payments, marketing

Carwash controller

Array, matrix or serial control.

Car wash

Old or new car wash.

FAQ about Wwwash

What is Wwwash?

Wwwash is a Mobile App with all the features of a Pay Station. Drivers can purchase car wash programs, gift-cards and monthly plans and also pay directly from the App. For Self-serve and Automatic Car Washes, Drivers can even start the machine from the App.
Operators will get valuable Customer Data for marketing.

What are the steps to integrate Wwwash?

It’s simple- drop us an email, we’ll respond within 24 hours.

If you’re operating a self-serve or automatics car wash– our technician installs a small gateway modem to your machines. This takes about 30 minutes. After that you’re all set, Drivers can start washes from the App and you’ll get access to everything via Wwwash admin website.

If you’re operating a tunnel car wash– no hardware is needed. We’ll give you access to your admin website where you can monitor in real-time which cars have a purchased which programs and then start the washes accordingly. This also works on Mobile Devices.

How do I get paid if drivers make a purchase from the App?

You will get paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for the programs purchased. All payments are handled by Adyen (adyen.com)- the largest payment platform out there.

Why should I integrate Wwwash?

Simply because in 2017, 11% of all credit card payments were made via Smartphones. That is 110% more than 2016.

Another way to think about this is to ask yourself. Who will visit your car wash in the upcoming years if you dont have Mobile Payments enabled?

What does it cost to integrate?

Typically the hardware installation cost for one car wash is around $300. For a more concrete pricing please contact us directly.

What type of car washes can join wwwash platform?

All types of car washes – self-serve, tunnel, automatics, touchless, detailing.

Can my equipment be integrated with Wwwash?

We’ve integrated hundreds of car washes on all continents so yes, your equipment is eligible.

Will my current payment methods be affected or changed?

No. AllĀ  pay stations, coin validators, credit card terminals etc. will stay operational. Wwwash App is a nice addition to those.

Do you provide guarantees?

Yes Wwwash integration comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the integration for any reason, we will refund your hardware costs.

What if I only operate one Car Wash?

That’s perfectly fine, Wwwash is specifically built for small businesses with affordable set-up costs.

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