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Car Washes for Autonomus Vehicles

Wwwash App for Self-serve car washes

See how easy it is to wash your car with the Wwwash App

  • Save up to 50% with monthly plans
  • Payment is automatically charged from your credit card
  • No tokens or coins

Wwwash App for Automatic car washes

A Pay-station in your pocket

  • Choose a program from the Wwwash App
  • Tap “Start”
  • Pull into the Car Wash

Innovation leaders in Car Wash

Wwwash in the first full end-to-end payment solution for car washes. Have the full functionality of a paystation in your Smartphone. 

Drivers App

Start and pay via Mobile

Wwwash Platform

Supports all wash systems

Operator tools

Automated personalized marketing

Digital Car Wash

Engage with Your customers via Wwwash!

Let Wwwash software automatically grow your revenue and customer base!

  • Automated personal messages:

    • If Customer washes 3+ times per month, offer a monthly plan
    • If Customer downloads app, offer first-time visitor discount
    • If Customer completes first wash, send a “Thank you!” message
  • Gather data, statistics, user information- make smart decisions!
  • Apply dynamic pricing based on time of the day

Start wash from app

Choose a program or amount to spend, press "Start" to initiate the Wash

Automatic M-payment

It's like Uber. Connect credit card once and Your good to go


Detailed info about app

Purchase Monthly Plans

Operators can sell plans with limited or unlimited number of washes per month.

Locations and closest car washes

Browse from all listed sites. Choose the best car wash for You by proximity, shortest cue or best pricing.

Powering industry leaders


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